Classify Images

Upload and manage all of your images + metadata. Build dynamic tagging rules based on your image metadata. Imagine changing one simple rule to add or remove classifications from hundreds or thousands of training data pictures.

Manage Training Data

Build robust DevOps workflows by tracking image data sets by iteration and minor versions with a robust change management system. Experiment with confidence that committed changes to your data are always available.

Cloud ML Integrations

Setup image recognition datasets that can be integrated easily with popular AI model services or into your custom image recognition pipelines. Start with 3rd party machine learning models or use your own custom-built machine learning models.

Delegate Data Cleaning

Whether you have an experienced data science team or just starting your AI journey, you need tools to free your high performing resources from data cleaning tasks. Easily delegate data collection and image classification to internal subject matter experts. Each workspace allows for contributors and moderators, making sure users have only the permissions they need.

Accelerate Experimentation

Why just tag images over and over again? Instead, keep valuable metadata with your images sets and build your classifications in a low-to-no code environment with powerful results. Setup dynamic classification with metadata rules to apply tags to images. On commit, the rules are applied and the data are ready to be processed by your ML training pipeline.

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  • Image deduplication
  • Dataset versioning
  • Dynamic classification
  • Unlimited free contributors
  • DevOps release control
  • Cloud performance and availability

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